A Law Office With A Long-Standing Tradition Of Excellence

Attorney John R. Dresser of John R. Dresser Law Office, PLLC, has been practicing law in the Sturgis, Michigan area, for over 35 years — since his law career began. With a long family history of distinguished lawyers behind him, Mr. Dresser has always committed himself to providing this community with legal services local individuals and business owners need. He works for his clients every day, and he is ready to help you, too.

How We Can Help

Our law office specializes in business law and estate planning. Both of these practice areas require vast knowledge and expertise that can be catered to specific and unique situations. Each client's goals will be different, and Mr. Dresser will ensure that his legal services always work to achieve your goals.

Business owners can look to our law office to provide important transactional services to make their workflow more efficient and cost-effective. Indeed, our goal is to increase both efficiency and profits, and Mr. Dresser is ready to build relationships and advise you for the long term. We are ready to advise you every step of the way.

With estate planning, we will work directly with you to uncover what you need in an estate plan. We will use and draft documents that give you and your loved ones peace of mind while protecting your assets, minimizing estate taxes and avoiding probate.

Don't Wait

Let us provide the expertise, knowledge, passion and commitment you need in these types of legal matters. We are ready to help you from start to finish. Get in touch with us today by calling 269-525-0733. You can also send an email.

John R. Dresser Law Office, PLLC, serves clients throughout St. Joseph County and the surrounding areas.