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The issues for a business person are many and varied. From start up through the business life to sale or succession to the next generation, you need the legal tools so you can focus on building your business.

I work with clients starting new business opportunities. An important and initial decision is what type of entity to form. The goals, assets and operations will be reviewed with you to determine if a C corporation, S corporation, a limited liability company or partnership is best suited for your situation.

Steps are discussed and taken to shield you from personal liability. In addition, such things as distributions, deadlocks between the owners and add new owners are topics of discussion under Michigan law.

The process and plans for the sale of the business will be discussed at the formation stage.

What About Commercial Transactions

As the business grows, it may become appropriate to either sell or purchase another business to complement or grow the existing business. Getting advice and early in the process in important.

Many times, the process starts with a letter of intent which serves as framework for the parties to move forward with the ultimate goal of signing a purchase agreement laying out all the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Confidential information is usually exchanged between the parties which call for an agreement to protect the party from disclosing information to those who need to know about the deal.

The exchange of information leads to a due diligence process by the buyer investigate all aspects of the selling business.

Early use of a business attorney can help to avoid common problems and potential misunderstandings thus leading to a smoother negotiation between the parties.

Planning for your business at all stages should be done with assistance from a business lawyer with experience and good listening skills.

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